Gingerrific Debut Post

21 Jan

So here’s the thing. I had this other blog and I decided to make it about my adventures and misadventures in love but, problem is, I didn’t have any. And, when you’re writing about love, it’s not really relevant that I laughed my ass off at some joke from The Big Bang Theory or how the LOST season 5 finale made me wanna run to the nearest pharmacy and find something to calm my ass down (seriously, this was the mother of all cliffhangers and, coming from LOST, that’s saying something). So this blog is for me to do whatever the hell I want. If I wanna vent about work, I will. If I wanna muse about how Quentin Tarantino writes amazing female characters, I will or how I wish I were a Rachel Berry when I’m more a Tina C (Glee reference!), so help me God, I will. But don’t worry, I may have a lot of flaws, but being boring isn’t one of them. So, let out a sigh of relief cuz, baby, you’re gonna enjoy this.


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