Girl Crushing

21 Jan

I’m straight. I don’t say I’ll never ever feel attracted to a woman because I don’t know where life will take me and I don’t find homosexuality disgusting or strange, I find it as natural as heterosexuality. I can only safely say that I have yet to meet a woman I felt attracted to and men, as difficult to understand as they often are, can be pretty hard to resist. That being said, I’m a big believer in girl crushes. I get them for women I find incredibly beautiful, or sexy or just damn amazing.  Now, I’ll say Megan Fox is hot (because, hello, she totally is!), but she’s not one of my crushes. I can totally acknowledge that a girl is smoking hot when she is, and that doesn’t make me any more or less hot. So when I say that I don’t find a girl hot when others do, it’s not because of petty female jealousy, it’s because I just don’t find her hot. The women I crush over, they’re a very specific type. I love them pale, I love them curvy and voluptuous, and I love them to be like a 50’s pinup come to life. I can’t not crush over a redhead. And I know what you’re thinking, “that’s pretty damn conceited of her”. I know, I know, I’m super pale with red hair and the only reason I don’t topple over due to my massive rack is because, well, I’m just as well endowed on the tuchus. But before you judge, let me introduce to you my girl crush. This girl is a bombshell. She’s got a body that men could go to war for and it is not a skinny one. She looks soft and wonderful and her body is a decadent feast of alabaster flesh. I sound totally lesbi gay here, I know, but once you see her, really, can you blame me?

*Other girl crushes include Bryce Dallas Howard (redhead), Scarlett Johansson (super hot, curvy and, now, redhead) and Liv Tyler (no explanation needed, it’s LIV TYLER).


One Response to “Girl Crushing”

  1. esteban February 13, 2010 at 5:40 am #

    she is very beautiful…..

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