Arbitrary thoughts on arbitrary subjects

24 Mar

First of all, I want to start by pointing out my use of the word “arbitrary” has a reason. See, some time ago a little survey started popping up all over Facebook called “25 Random Facts About Me” or some variation of it. I didn’t read everybody’s but I read some of my closest friends’ and in one of them, my friend, the brilliant smartass Alexandra pointed out that she hated the word “random” because of its current overuse. And I had to agree. It was like all of the Spanish speaking youth discovered the word and decided to use it like it was going out of style or its use would soon be limited (which, apparently, it should be). A teen or tween would be talking and all of a sudden say something along the lines of “super random, mano”. So, in her honor, I have refrained from using that word as much as possible when writing, or even speaking. I doubt she’ll read this (these are, after all, just my sporadic rants about anything that pops into my head), but if she does, this one’s for you, Ale.

  • I have an obscene amount of underwear. I mean, right now I am doing a large load on the washer, and I still have enough in my drawer for a couple of weeks, including some new ones. One time, when I was younger (I don’t even know if I was in high school yet, probably was) my mom told me I should always have new, cute underwear to keep my husband or boyfriend interested. Duly noted, mom! Although, to be honest, this underwear I buy totally for me. I’m not one of those girls who loves thongs, though. I like bikinis, boyshorts and boybriefs. I actually like my ass to be covered while I’m working or doing whatever it is I’m doing. I like lace, and I like colors and designs. I feel great if under my clothes I have beautiful underwear. I have some that I haven’t used, but it’s because I’m saving them for something special. And no, I’m not talking about getting some, I’m talking about a day that means something to me, and I wanna start it off right, with something that makes me smile just by knowing I have it. I have bought thongs. One time, the guy I was long distance dating called me during one of my lingerie shopping forays and told me he loved thongs. I bought some right there, thinking about how he’d react when I unzipped and there they were. He, however, dumped me through Facebook message before that happened, so I’m left with marginally smutty underwear, still unused, still with the price tag on that every time I see I feel ridiculous about. I have a feeling my cousin is getting some new thongs soon.
  • Last night, I walked into my parents’ room and found my mom crying while watching “Brothers & Sisters”. The only time she’s cried in a show that very often serves up heartbreak to its cast and viewers, was out of emotion during Scotty and Kevin’s wedding, the first and only gay wedding in TV history, so far. She told me she even cried the previous episode, when Kevin proposed. My mom; being more amazing every day. Oh and it should be noted that my mother is a very religious woman, and she is exactly what a good Christian should be; loving and accepting of everyone. No judgments, no prejudices, no discrimination, just love and acceptance. The fact that I have brought over to the house countless gay men, who sometimes come with their partners, and that my sister in turn has brought over friends who happen to be a lesbian couple just happened by coincidence. My dad is that way too :). The fact that a family member once asked if my friend “was a fag too” and my dad responded “yes, he’s gay, and he’s part of the family, otherwise he wouldn’t be here” fills me with pride and love for him. It was my dad’s birthday that time.

I should get off the mushy stuff. Oh, last night’s “Lost” has loaded. Let me see as much as possible of “Ab Aeterno”, last night’s episode, before the buffer goes back to zero. On the plus side, while it loads, more arbitrary thoughts! Yay!!

After 18 minutes, the buffer has failed and now it must load again. Food? Yesss. Pants? Oh, all right, I’ll put them on. Sheesh!

So, I didn’t actually have any food, like I was planning to. I mean, I’m hungry, but food has me a little uninspired today. I did however feed the cats and dogs. They were not feeling uninspired by food. Although, to be fair, Lennon would probably go ape shit over a “Murder She Wrote” marathon. He’s a very excitable puppy. Oh look, buffer’s back on full! Yay!

Okay, so the only way to escape from hell is to kill the devil. Wait… does that mean the island is… oh HELL NO! Damn you buffer! I need to know more!!!! I have a feeling before this blog post is over, I’m going to need to include a “SPOILER ALERT” section. I am getting really, really tense about this. Load, please, load! See, after almost 6 years, I am still getting worked up over what is arguably the best show on television. Oh yeah, here we go, back to Jacob being a badass…

Oh COME ON! Again with the buffer?! This is pissing me off, I only have like 5 minutes left in the episode! I knew the island was a four letter word, and the first possibility was a 4 letter word. This second one is too. I need those last 5 minutes to know which one it is! H_ _ _ or C_ _ _? H_ _ _ or C_ _ _? H_ _ _ or C_ _ _? So I caved in and decided to eat something, a pack of organic sweet apple slices. They are pretty sweet, plus a whole pack (which is either two apples or a mutant, giant apple) is only 90 calories. Plus, if something is organic, it already has an advantage on me, because I’ll want to eat it. My mother buys all the organic produce she can, and I love her for it. I have a feeling that once we finally sit down and watch “Food Inc.”, we’ll be more adamant about it than before. They’re from Crunch Pak and, ooh, they have a website! I could see all they have to offer, but I just noticed the buffer is full again.

And the island is… a C_ _ _ !!!

(You didn’t really think I was going to give it away, did you? I waited almost 6 years to know, so if YOU want to know, watch the show.)


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