The exciting conclusion!

14 May

In case anybody cared enough to read the previous post and wondered what it is that the guy wanted to talk about, I thought I kinda owed it to you to tell you what happened, specially since I discussed in detail how much it sucks to be left wondering. So, after deep breaths he tearfully admitted that, although he cared about me, he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the moment and that even dating would be unfair to me. He said he wanted us to be friends and he didn’t want to lose me. He warned me that, even as friends, a kiss might escape his lips. “You don’t kiss friends.” I told him, “Not like that“. And although I wanna kiss him and hug him and smell him and hold his hand, I won’t. “He can’t just have you on lay-away“, said my mom this morning. “Yo do that with clothes, but not with people“. Hopefully he’ll miss me. Most likely he’ll just move on and once he’s ready to start dating someone he will, but with someone else. And I can’t really change anything. Because even though it may feel like it, it isn’t my fault.

I’m really gonna miss him.


One Response to “The exciting conclusion!”

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