The Brand Name Conundrum

14 Jul

As you may have read in my previous post (and if you did, thank you), I’m basically starting a baking business out of my home’s kitchen. I have the full support of my mom (and for now, financial help, too) and a slow, but hopefully steady, rise in clients. I have, however, reached a critical point: I need a name. My mom suggests I choose a name in Spanish, given that it will be a Puerto Rican business . I tell her I’m not just thinking locally, but bigger (that means the US). She says that even more so, I need a Spanish name, to further establish myself. Language thing aside, I can’t find a name that gives me an “A-HA!” feeling. And I don’t wanna choose a name and not be in love with it, and regret it forever. This has been on my mind for weeks. Friends call me ginger, but it might be confusing, seeing how ginger is an actual cooking ingredient. Arrrgh! This is just so frustrating! I need some heavenly inspiration. Deus ex machina, where are you?


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