Happy Proposal Day?

8 May

Today kinda sucked. I mean, it wasn’t horrible. No small kitchen fires (although my cousin did burn the rice), no tears (except some emotional ones from my cousin’s girlfriend from seeing her boyfriend’s mom get proposed to), and no fights. But it was tense. Let’s talk about said proposal.

My godmother (mom’s sister) is 51 years old. She has multiple sclerosis and lives with her mother, who has Alzheimer’s. About 3 weeks ago (on Easter Sunday) she sprung a boyfriend on the family. Her two daughters were as surprised as everyone. And today he proposed. Her kids were not happy at all. They were stressed, tense, apprehensive and reluctant to accept it. I really hoped they’d be accepting of it. And when he finally did do it and asked her kids for her hand, they told him they could go ahead and do it. I hoped they would be happy from the beginning. I’m not gonna say I was, but I was being a selfish little bitch who felt alone and was angry she couldn’t express it. But my cousins; they’re not alone. They’re all happy. The oldest has a girlfriend and two kids from a previous marriage, the second one is married with two boys, and the third one is married. So why can’t they be happy their mom is getting a chance to be happy as well? Maybe they’re just worried she’ll get hurt. Or maybe they just need time to assimilate all of it, since it’s been so fast. I don’t know. We’ll see, I guess.


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