Alone together

14 May

Lately I’ve been having a rough time. I’m pretty much relentlessly optimistic, yet I’ve been feeling blue recently. Thing is, I’ve felt lonely. But, I’ve been alone for almost 6 years. Why should I bad now if I’m usually just the image of an easy going attitude. I guess I hadn’t pieced it all together until I was telling my best friend (who is studying in NYC) about how alone I felt and he said “Don’t worry, darling. Soon I’ll be there and we’ll be alone together“. It makes sense.

About two years ago we both had our hearts broken in the worst way we had experienced up to that point. The men we were each in love with hurt us in unexpected, cruel ways. We helped each other. My trouble came first. I had the chance to recover before his turn came. When his heart was broken, his whole world broke too. So I told him “You know how when you’re going through something, there’s that one friend who doesn’t leave your side? I’m gonna be that friend. I’m not gonna leave you alone.” And we didn’t really separate until last September when he left to go to school in New York City. And we’re this great team. We’re sometimes self deprecating, but never self pitying. And the one time I felt like I was alone he literally recreated the SATC movie New Year’s scene; he came to my house and when I opened the door he hugged me and said “you’re not alone“. So, I haven’t had my buddy around. We were alone, but not lonely. Alone together. I cannot wait until Tuesday, when he comes home to stay here the whole summer. I cannot wait :).


One Response to “Alone together”

  1. arnaldojavier May 14, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    AWWWWWW <3!!!

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