20 Aug

Have you ever felt like you were worthless? Like, if you died, nobody would really notice. My parents probably would. They’d notice they were spending less money on groceries. My dog would probably even be better off without me. My parents are more responsible pet owners. No boss would notice me missing work. My friends wouldn’t notice for a while. Most of them don’t even live here anymore, and the few that do have busy lives. Too busy for me. No guy would miss me, regret not being able to kiss me one last time. People wouldn’t noticed I stopped going out because I never do. Teachers wouldn’t notice absences, because I’m not allowed to go to school for a year. If anything, people would miss the stupid bullshit I post on Facebook, the weird links of funny pictures. That’s it. No college degree, nothing of my own, just a lump of mass that takes of space and exhibits the characteristics of being an organism. I might as well be an amoeba. It’s about as much as I feel worth.


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