What I did on my 24th year on this planet.

13 Jun

The day I turned 24 a wonderful guy I know came from the states for the week. We got into the ocean at sunset and played around like little kids, then to the pool, then to his hotel room to shower and watch one of my favorite movies. Later that week as an official birthday dinner he took me to Old San Juan to eat perfect pasta and drink sangria. He put his arm around me as we walked out and kissed me, and with a big smile wished me a happy birthday. Two weeks later I got on a plane and spent 2 weeks in Spain and 2 days in Paris with my family. About 5 days after we arrived I got a letter from the university telling me I couldn’t study for a whole year. This was early July.


By mid August I had run out of places to apply for jobs. Every day I filled out a different application, answered the same questions each time, and sent out resumes wherever I could think of. For over two months nobody called. Then one company did. After weeks of interviews I made it in. By the end of September, I was already working in a big, globally renowned company. By January I was offered permanency. By March I had it. By April 1st, I had a health plan.


I kissed a couple of guys, got rejected, and got a surprisingly healthy amount of admirers (not all of them welcome, barely any single). I made the decision to stop putting off my move to NYC and set the plan in action, and it’s going right on track. Was told by a man he wanted to end up with me, get married and have babies, then told by the same man he had no time for me. Had bad dates with douchebags and good dates with assholes. I had crushes. I got tempted. I prevailed over temptation. I succumbed to temptation. I made amazing new friends. I grew a pair. I stopped letting people walk all over me and started fighting for what I deserved. I have one more hour left of being 24. I think I did okay.


One Response to “What I did on my 24th year on this planet.”

  1. Secret Footsteps June 13, 2012 at 3:09 am #

    I think you did too 🙂

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