8 Aug

So, I wrote something. Something very personal that took me a couple of days to write. Not that it’s long (although it kinda is, at least for a blogger as unreliable as me), but my ADD, and the sometimes uncomfortable subject matter made me do it little by little. It features my mother in a human, flawed way, which is what probably makes me nervous the most. My mother is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known, kind and loving to no end. But she makes mistakes. We all do. And I mention them. And even though those mistakes come from a desire to protect and keep me from harm, the fact that I could portray her in anything other than the most flattering light in the world terrifies me. But part of me thinks I should post it. Because while it is extremely personal, to millions of people it is relatable and universal. So I’ll post it. And immediately freak out about it.


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