Busy Busy Bee

20 Jul

My best friend made me two separate birthday cake orders for this week. One is a lemon cake for tomorrow morning for her grandmother’s birthday. It was a little tough because they kinda changed their direction of the cake like 3 times, but it was finally done today. I didn’t use lemon extract for the cake, I used fresh juice and zest from local lemons. It’s a two layer cake with lemon filling on the middle. On it I used a lemon buttercream I improvised because I didn’t like the one the recipe gave, and it tastes fabulous. On top, I put lemon slices to garnish it. The lemons were a little too juicy and started running a bit so I put the whole thing in the fridge. Alas, I am very proud.

100% Homemade Perfection

I have to admit, I was a little scared at first. I’d never done this recipe, I had just found it and really liked how it looked. Luckily, some batter was left over for me to make some cupcakes and try it. I wanted to wait until the frosting was on it so I could taste it the way they would. It was lemon perfection. You could taste it was made from fresh fruit instead of something packaged or artificial. I started dancing around the kitchen as Arnaldo looked on.

Also for Thursday, Massi (my BFF) ordered a cake for her dad’s birthday. She wants a traditional butter cake with meringue frosting. I’m thinking of maybe browning the meringue a bit so it gets some browning in the peaks, but since I don’t have a little blowtorch, it might be tricky.

I know somebody might get all smartass with me and say that those aren’t lemons, but limes. Here in Puerto Rico, lemons come in both colors. They’re smaller, very juicy, and strong in taste. So they’re not limes, they’re local lemons. LEMONS. Like Liz :). That’s all.


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